Courses / Teaching

Teaching graduate and postgraduate classes since 1997 constantly, as a faculty member, in four Departments of the Ionian University and the TEI of Athens.

  • General Principles of Laws
  • Computer and information law I
  • Computer and information law II
  • Protection of Cultural Heritage Law
  • Library Collection Management
  • Information and Communication (with Dr. Stamou)
  • Access and public information
  • Art and the Law (with Mrs. Natasa Michailaki, MSc., PhD cand.)
Access and public information files
Access and public information presentations
All this material comes from Ass Professor Dionysis Moschopoulos

Postgraduate courses
  • Computer/Information law and ethics
Information literacy as a human right
Digital Technologies and the Obligation to Alleviate Poverty: the Digital Divide, Information Gap and Two Forms of Poverty
Exams Questions 2015 (content in greek)
Exams Questions 2014(content in greek)

Syllabus (until December 2014)

  • Intellectual Property protection in a digital world
  • The individual in the European legal order
  • Applications of constitutional and administrative law (with Ass Pr D Moschopoulos)

Courses taught in the past (DFLTI and Informatics Department, Ionian University)
  • Ethics and the professions

  • Applications of civil law

  • Law I-civil law

  • Law II-criminal and constitutional law, fundamental principles

  • Legal managemement of cultural content

  • Legal and social issues of ICTs

  • English legal terminology

Tutor in medical ethics, 2000-2001 Lowell House, Harvard University
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