Online presentation of the book: «Libraries and collection development» - Saturday, December 19th 2020,

Interview of Maria Kanellopoulou- Bottis, March 19, 2020, Ed: Christos Chryssanthopoulos

Thank you letter from EEVEP, 2019

Presentation of the volume "Information and the Child: history, law, ethics and culture", Ionian University Library, 20.3.2018, event organized by the Ionian University Library by invitation of the Ionian University Rector, Professor Vassileios Chryssikopoulos.
The volume was presented by the Vice Rector Professor Konstantinos Aggelakos and Professor Nikos Papadimitriou. Speakers also included the Dean of the Faculty of Information Science and Informatics Professor Economou Konstantinos, the President of the Corfu Rotary Club George Bouzas and the published Lena Pantopoulou, of Ocelotos publishers. The Vice Rector Professor Joseph Papadatos moderated the event.

Presentation of the Fifth National Conference on Medical Liability and Bioethics, Health and Genetic Data, 2018

Βook presentation, Bioethical Concerns, Thessaloniki, IANOS, Greece 6 May 2015
Invitation Bioethical Concerns

March 15, 2015, interview (with Ph. Panagopoulou-Koutnatzi) radio, Libraries in FM (D. Politis)

Maria Bottis' interview in NovaLife TV show with Theophano Papazisi on the analysis of the conference Medical Liability and Bioethics II held in Athens 14 and 15 March 2014.
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Radio interview on the conference "History of Information", Sunday
28.3.2013, 11.00am,
Libraries in FM radio, with Dimiris Politis

Video from the IHRC presentation in October 16, 2013, Open Access Conference of National Documentation Center
Open access and archaeological data, Maria Bottis, Maria Sitara & Eleni Vouligea, IHRC.

Video presentation of 'Copyrights and Literary Works', in Greek, Ionian University, Amphitheater I, 8.11.2012

Α video from Young Scholars Forum, ICIL 2011, Thessaloniki, Maria Bottis, Nikos Koutras, Iliana Araka and Elisa Makridou

A letter from the Rector of the Ionian University Diminished Tsougkarakis on the organization of the CEPE conference, Corfu 2009

An interview as an INSEIT member, 2009
INSEIT Member spotlight, vol. 8, no. 2

INSEIT report on the First International Seminar on Information law and Ethics, Corfu 2008
INSEIT Newsletter 8.3

Αthens Multi-Member Court Judgment 6544/2006, citing ‘The Legal Protection of Databases’ (in agreement)

Decision 3001/2013 of the Athens Court of Appeals, referring to ‘The Legal Protection of Databases’, of 2004.

Σχόλιο στην ΠολΠρΑθ 6544/2006 απόφαση για νομική προστασία βάσεων δεδομένων, ΔιΜΜΕ, σ. 94-96

Παραπομπή στη μονογραφία Νομική Προστασία Βάσεων Δεδομένων από το ΜονΠρ Αθηνών, 2015

Report of the Citizen’s Advocate (jurisprudence), E. Fytrakis, 30.10.2002, Consent to transplantation of bone marrow, Citation to the PhD thesis, 1999 (publication n 1).

A nice note on the Ionian Law Review from Professor Ioannis Karakostas, ex Vice-Rector of the University of Athens, ex Head of the Legal Services of the Prime Minister, now Professor Emeritus of Athens Law School

Presentation of Honorary Volume for Evi Laskari at Public Library of Corfu

One-Member Court of Corfu, decision n. 1056/2001, citing the PhD thesis

A 1989 reference from Prokopis Pavlopoulos, now President of the Greek Republic

Athens Law Review, 1989, certificate from Alexander Metallinos

An invitation to speak at Berkman Center, Harvard, 2004

A certificate of graduating from Athens Law School 1st out of 220, in 1990

Best moment of my teaching career:
Young Scholars Forum, ICIL 2011, paper of Koutras/Araka & Makridou,
Dialogue with Makridou:
-(me)..And how are you going to build this wonderful huge open repository …you have to attack the whole copyright system?
-(Elisa Makridou) Na…yes, we have to attack the whole copyright system.
See video, at 17.20 (moment)
* Α video from Young Scholars Forum, ICIL 2011, Thessaloniki, Maria Bottis, Nikos Koutras, Iliana Araka and Elisa Makridou
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