Research Group

IHRC ‘Information: History, Regulation, Culture

Τhe research group IHRC ‘Information: History, Regulation, Culture of the Ionian University was founded in July 2013 in order to engage in research on the general theme of information, in relation to its history, its regulation (law and ethics) and culture.

The group meets once every month approximately, inviting accomplished speakers, selecting one paper to discuss, pre-distributed for study. After the main presentation of the invited speaker and the response/comment from the group’s head, all members engage in short commentaries. The research group also participates in diverse sub-teams in conferences in relation to its research theme.

The research team IHRC has co-organized the conferences: and the Colloquium on Data Protection, Athens, Nomiki Bibliothiki, 12/9/2013

IHRC - People

Head: Maria Bottis, Professor, Information Law, Ionian University

Ganatsiou Vicky, Philologist, Musicologist, MSc. (DALMS), PhD (cand.)
Koutras Nikos, Political Scientist, Dr.,MSc., Ionian University
Mavropoulou Maria, MSc, Ionian University
Mihailaki Natasa, Attorney, MSc. (cand.), certified mediator
Sitara Maria, MSc. (cand.) Archaeologist, 7th Division on Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Sotiriou Marina, Information Scientist, MSc.
Tsoukala Ioanna, Information scientist, MSc. (cand.), MSC. (cand, history), Ionian University
Vouligea Eleni , MSc. (cand.), Archaeologist, 7th Division of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Selection from the team’s participation in conferences of 2013

International Conference on Open Access, National Documentation Center, 16.10.2013, Athens
Maria Sitara, Eleni Vouligea and Maria Bottis, Open access and archeological data

E-Democracy 2013, December 5-6/2013, Αθήνα
Natasa Mihailaki & Maria Bottis, Μixed reality through the internet of things and bitcoin – how laws affect them
Nikos Koutras & Maria Bottis, In search of one sole institutional repository in Greece: adventures and solutions for an integration of repositories towards bridging digital divide
Maria Sitara & Eleni Vouligea, Access to archaeological data and Greek law-a time for change

(some) publications of the IHRC team:
  1. Nikos Koutras and Maria Bottis (2013), ‘Institutional Repositories of Open Access: A paradigm of innovation and changing in Educational Politics’, 4th International Conference on New Horizons in Education, Sakarya University, Rome, Italy (under publication from Elsevier Ltd., volume 85)
  2. Nikos Koutras and Politimi Karkalakou(2013), ‘Information Access and Digital Divide: solutions based on alternative educational methods concerning information literacy’, 2nd Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference (EIIC)
  3. Vichelmina Zachou (2013), 'The Greek presence in the former western provinces of the Byzantine Empire within archival material', 2nd Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference (EIICI)
  4. Nikos Koutras (2014), ‘The affiliation between State and Churches: the case study of Greece’, Journal of 'Annales UMCS: Political Science', Faculty of Political Science of Maria Curie Sklodowska University (under publication)
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