PhD thesis supervision

Ganatsiou Paraskevi Ganatsiou Paraskevi

Philologist, Graduate of the Department of the School of Beaux Arts, MSc., PhD cand.
Vicky works on a dissertation on open access and journals.

Dragomanovits SpirosDragomanovits Spiros

Attorney at Law, LLM
Spiros works on a dissertation on copyright dispute resolution and mediation.

Michailaki Anastasia Michailaki Anastasia

Lawyer - Mediator - Mediator trainer. MSc, PhD cand.
Anastasia works on a dissertation on Law and ethics regarding Mixed reality applications.

Vassiliki M. Strakantouna Vassiliki M. Strakantouna

Full Text CV of Vassiliki M. Strakantouna

Examiner, University of Turku, Finland, doctorate thesis of Jani Koskinen, titled ‘Datenherrschaft-An ethically justified solution to the problem of ownership of patient information”, 2 Νovember 2015
Doctorate thesis proposal

External examiner, University of Pretoria, PhD Thesis of Rashri Baboolal-Frank, A Critical Analysis of Tribunals in South Africa to Create a Harmonised tribunal System, January 17, 2019
Letter to External Examiner
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