Supervision of research projects

A. Supervision of doctoral theses

A1. Supervisor of doctoral candidates

Thaleia-Maria Alexaki, Anastasia Michailaki, Paraskevi Ganatsiou, and Spyros Dragomanovits, Vassiliki Strakantouna

Further information:

A2. Member of the three-member academic committee of a doctoral candidate of the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museum Studies:

- Christos Anthis; thesis title: “eGovernment Model for the Construction of School Units,” supervisor: Marios Poulos.

A3. Member of the seven-member academic evaluation committee for the doctoral thesis submitted at the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museum Studies:

- Roxanna Theodorou; thesis title: “Academic Electronic Publishing-Open Access Scientific Information,” supervisor: G. Bokos.

A4. Member of the seven-member academic evaluation committee for the doctoral thesis submitted by Marinos Papadopoulos for the degree of Doctor of Law, in the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens (supervisor: D. Kallinikou); oral defense date: 17.12.2015. The doctoral thesis was written in the English language, and was titled: “Copyright in the Digital Era - Openness in the Greek and American Law”.

A5. Member of the seven-member academic evaluation committee for the doctoral thesis submitted by Nikos Koutras, for the degree of Doctor of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (supervisor: Stavros Katsios), entitled “European Institutions and Policies for Lifelong Learning”. Under my supervision, and under the authorization of the supervisor, the doctoral thesis was published under the same title by Nomiki Bibliothiki in 2014 (pp.1- 256).

A6. External Εxaminer, Doctoral thesis of Jani Koskinen, University of Turku, Finland 2015
"Datenherrschaft-An ethically justified solution to the problem of ownership of patient information"

B. Supervision and Publication/Supervision of postgraduate and undergraduate essays/Participation in three- or two-member committees for the evaluation of postgraduate and undergraduate essays

a) at the Ionian University (appointed exclusively at the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museum Studies)

b) at the Hellenic International University, and

c) at Athens University of Economics

The following list includes essays from 2005 onwards, and it is not exclusive:

B1. Supervision and Publication of Master’s Degree dissertations – Information Law and Ethics

The postgraduate dissertations mentioned below which I supervised were published by the publishing houses Nomiki Bibliothiki and Lambert Academic Publishing (I edited these publications in cooperation with the authors).

1. Spyros Vlachopoulos, Combating Cybercrime

This dissertation was published by Nomiki Bibliothiki: Cybercrime – Forms, Prevention and Combating, 2007 (pp. 1-288).

2. Nikos Koutras, Open Access Educational Resources and Digital Libraries

(a) Open Access Educational Resources and Digital Libraries, introduction by Maria Kanellopoulou-Botti, editor. Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2012, pp. 166

(b) Educational Resources and Digital Repositories of Open Access, Lambert Academic Publishing foundation, Germany, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-659-44857-7, pp. 1-161. Extract from the presentation of the book: “After the Lisbon Summit, the European Union turned to a digital economy, based on knowledge, being technologically developed, accompanying goods and services; namely, an alternative economy that will be an imperative power concerning economic evolution, competitiveness, and creation of new working positions. This postgraduate dissertation tries to present open-access digital repositories and their principles/values according to which they were established. In addition, this postgraduate dissertation presents several open-access initiatives, as well as the Budapest Open –Access Initiative. However, while the case study of Greece regarding digital open-access repositories and current conditions will be also presented […] this postgraduate dissertation attempts to present current developments and long-term targets as regards the ongoing evolution of the digital environment of open-access education repositories”.

Evita Manou, From Material to Intellectual Property: Conception, Defense and Questioning of a Right in Western Thought (forthcoming).

B2. Member of a two-member academic evaluation committee for the examination of postgraduate dissertations at the School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, International Hellenic University, for the course on intellectual property, and within the framework of Art, Law and Economy Masters’ Program, for the years 2014 and 2015.

1.Εleni Seretaki, The orphan works Directive

2. Marilena Liakopoulou, Music Performers’ Rights under Greek Copyright Law

3. Kalliroi Parousi, Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright Protection for Educational Purposes,

4. Papagiota Τseliou, Protection of Photographs under Copyright Law, 2015

5. Panagiota Chalkia, Copyright Law of the Internet

6. Konstantina Karameri, Copyright Protection for Photographs – New Technologies Challenge – Fair Use of Photographs of the Internet

7. Ioanna Kitsou, Geographical Indications and their Protection in the International and Regional Legal Framework

8. Christina-Sapfo Kypraki, Photographs: Frictions between Copyright Protection, the Right to Personality and Privacy

9. Georgia Malama, Copyright Aspects of Hyperlinking and Framing

10. Theodora Malliarou, The Audiovisual Productions Field in Greece: Laws, Institutions, and Legal Cases

11. Ζοi Mavroskoti, Legal Aspects of Collective Management in the European Single Market

12. Kallithea Melliou, Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright for Educational and Information Purposes under Greek and International Law

13. Sotirios Petridis, Comparative Issues of Film Protection in Greece and the US

14. Aikaterini Stavrou, Striking the Balance between Copyright and Privacy within the Online Environment. Is the Neutrality Concept of Internet Service Providers in Danger?

15. Konstantina Takou, The Interface between Competition and Copyright Law.

16. Lazaros Theodoulou, The Legislation and Repercussions of A.C.T.A, S.O.P.A., Ρ.Ι.Ρ.Α.

17. Aikaterini Tsalkou, Control and Resistance – Copyright Issues Concerning Works of Users of Social Media

18. Despoina Zisiadi, File Sharing of Copyright Works οn the Internet

19. Evangelia Voukelatou, Digital Exploitation of Films: Protection of Creators and Related Rights Rightholders

Β3. Supervision of postgraduate dissertations at the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology – Master’s programme in Information Law and Ethics, academic year 2007-2008, Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, Athens section. 1. Meropi Ampatzi, Computer Patent 2. Eleni Avgerinou, Intellectual Property and Common Ownership 3. Vasiliki Gerodimou, Libraries, Censorship and Pornography: Background and Recent Updates 4. Effrosyni Gkountava, Documented Medical Library Science 5. Styliani Kalogirou, Information Classification and Library Science 6. Maria Karydi, Intellectual Property and Orphan Works 7. Eleni Kapsali, Creative Commons: Use licenses of Works 8. Rania Konsta, Intellectual Property in Databases, and Encroachment on the Freedom of Research and Expression 9. Aliki-Sylvia Poulimenou, Processing Sensitive Genetic Data and the DECODE Database of Genetic Data in Ireland 10. Emmanouil Pyrgiotis, Hackers’ Ethics 11. Louiza Savvani, Digital Libraries and Copyright 12. Dimitris Sklavenitis, The Code of Conduct of Archivists, the Code of Conduct of Librarians, and the Comparison of their Professional Action through the Codes 13. Eleni Fili, The Civil Liability of Information Scientists due to Insufficient Provision of Services 14. Anna Gkouni, Patents in Drugs and AIDS Treatment.

Supervision of postgraduate dissertations of other academic years (indicatively):

15. Kyriaki Balali, The Moral Right of the Creator upon their Work. Comparison between the Greek and the American Jurisprudence

16. Natasa Michailaki, Mixed or Augmented reality. Its Applications and Treatment by the Law.

17. Alexandros Koutelidakis, Case-law Protection of Databases

18. Eleanna Banou, Information Ethics and Mass Media, with an Emphasis on the Social Media.

19. Nikos Anastasiou, Censorship and Libraries in Modern Era (presentation pending)

20. Sofia Magoula, Personal Data and the Elderly (presentation pending)

Β4 Papers written and presented in the context of the course “Applications of constitutional and administrative law,” Master’s Program, Department of Archives, Library Science and Museum Studies, academic year 2014/2015 (winter semester).

1. Efstathios Arapatzis, Freedom of Speech

2. Vagia Papakonstantinou, The Access to Information as a Constitutional Right

3. Magda Samoili, The Freedom of Expression as a Right Constitutionally Safeguarded

4. Polyxeni Tsitse, The Digital Divide Worldwide

5. Aikaterini Skyfta, Censorship Review

6. Alexandros Giorgos, Parents and Personal Data of their “Digital Natives”

7. Maria Kokotou, The Freedom of Speech and the Digital Divide Worldwide

Β5. Member of the two-member committee for the supervision and evaluation of the postgraduate dissertation by Antonia Arachova entitled “Reformatory Framework for the Strategic Plan of the National Library of Greece in Comparison with Ten National Libraries of the European Union» (written in the English language) in the context of the Cross-departmental Master’s Programme on Public Policy & Public Management, held by the Department of Economics, the department of International and European Economic Studies, and the department of Management Science and Technology of Athens University of Economics. Section: Public Management. Presentation: 10/6/2014.

Β6. Member of the three-member academic evaluation committee for postgraduate dissertations at the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology

-Eleni Karydi, The impact of Literature Prizes on the Publishing Industry (member of the evaluation committee; supervisor: Christina Banou)

-Sofia Paschou, Museums, Digital Technologies, Ethics: Tendencies, Effects, Needs and Concerns; supervisor: Giorgos Papaioannou

Γ. Supervision of undergraduate theses – sample list, since 2005- 1. Konstantina Zisi, Property right and copyright protection of the creator 2. Ekglentina Katsi, People with special needs as library users 3. Florentia Karapina, Right to free access to public documents 4. Kalliopi Drakoulinakou, Legal protection of databases 5. Iro Iliopoulou, Constitutional rights of the users of archives 6. Despina Epikourou, Intellectual rights and libraries in prisons 7. Evdokia Nikolaidou, Intellectual property and musical works in modern society 8. Ermioni Avella, Exemptions from the right of intellectual property in favour of libraries – Proposed treaty by IFLA 9. Georgia Rompa, Intellectual property and software 10. Giorgos Mousenikas, Protection of cultural heritage – The Parthenon marbles 11. Konstantina Triantafyllidou, Protection of monuments, antiques, and cultural heritage in general 12. Foteini Karakalou, The right to digital oblivion 13. Charikleia Bothou, Intellectual property – Related rights – Actors’ rights 14. Eleni Sanida, Surveillance right in the context of intellectual property 15. Angeliki Kritikou, The right to oblivion 16. E. Papageorgiou, Legal protection of archaeological sites. The Case of the Ancient Theatre of Dodona.

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