Awards – Scholarships - Distinctions

Excellence Award: first, second and third class of Arsakeion Private High School for Girls, 1979-1980, 1980-1981, 1981-1982

Excellence Award and full tuition scholarship: first, second and third class of Arsakeion Private Lyceum for Girls, 1982-1983, 1983-1984 and 1984-1985

Award, Rotary Club of Athens for the first place in the 1985 national examinations for college entrance in Greece

Award and scholarship from the Greek National Institute of Scholarships for finishing second the third year of Athens Law School

1990-1991 ΝΑΤΟ Scholar for LLM studies in Cambridge, Clare Hall. Scholar, Cambridge University

1991-1992 Onassis Scholar

1991-1992 Yale Law School Scholar

2000-2001 Fellowship, Harvard University

2012: Funding awarded for the LiSS Seminar in Athens, Surveillance in Academia, project selected after review of various workshop applications by the LISS COST Management Committee

2014/2015: Awarded by Onassis Institution: Funding for the Biomedical Conference “The Human Face”, event selected after review of app. 40 applications nationwide

-2014, Nominated, Herbert E. Simon Award for Outstanding Research for Computing and Philosophy, IACAP