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CEPE 2019, Norfolk, Virginia

Official Website: ttps://sites.wp.odu.edu/cepe2019/

Co organized by IHRC, Ionian University. INSEIT and the Old Dominion University.
Maria Bottis serves as Co Chair and paper chair.

International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philoshophical Enquiry 2009 (CEPE 2009)

Official Website: http://cepe2009.ionio.gr/

Maria Bottis was the organizer of the Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry 2009, INSEIT, Corfu June 2009.
CEPE 2009 hosted 60 presentations of papers from distinguished speakers from all over the world.

Proceedings of CEPE 2009 The proceedings of CEPE 2009 were published by Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2010 (editor: Maria Bottis).
CEPE 2009 Proceedings


The papers included in the Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Computer Ethics – Philosophical Enquiry: CEPE 2009 were originally presented during a three day-period – June 26-28, 2009 – at the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece. These papers were selected, via a systematic peer-review process, from the numerous papers received by the CEPE 2009 Program Committee.

Maria Bottis, a distinguished information law scholar and CEPE 2009 Conference

Director, has done an outstanding job of bringing these papers together in a single volume. In editing a high-quality, juried proceedings of conference papers, she has also helped to preserve, and improve upon, an important CEPE tradition that began with the publication of the proceedings of papers originally presented at the first CEPE Conference (Erasmus University – Rotterdam, The Netherlands in June 1997). Many papers published in the seven previous CEPE Proceedings were also later included (in revised form) in special issues of Ethics and Information Technology and Computers and Society that were based on various CEPE conference themes. Other papers have subsequently appeared in journals such as The Information Society, Minds and Machines, and Metaphilosophy. Some of the papers included in the present volume will also be published later, in revised form, in special issues of journals and periodicals.

The CEPE 2009 Conference Proceedings is the largest volume of CEPE papers, to

date. It includes 57 papers authored by computer-ethics scholars from around the world, thus perpetuating the truly international spirit of the CEPE conference series. The success of the recent CEPE 2009 Conference in Corfu has also helped to reinforce the positive relationship that has developed over the years between the CEPE conference series (in general) and its sponsoring organization, INSEIT (International Society for Ethics and Information Technology). For this, INSEIT is extremely grateful to Maria Bottis and to her colleagues at the Ionian University.

Herman T. Tavani

President, INSEIΤ”

Foreword to the CEPE proceedings, 2009

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